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    Information about Browser Security Add-on WOT Web of Trust from MyWOT.com of Finland

    This web site is dedicated to gathering information from around the internet about the web site MyWOT  (.com) and the mislabeled web “security” software called Web of Trust (WOT).  While marketing itself as a safe secure way to surf the internet that protects users from malicious websites, it is nothing more than a group of compensated and uncompensated amateur reviewers that have an incentive to mark websites down in reputation and safety.  The software does not have any security mechanisms to check web sites and actually just tracks a user’s browsing for data resale.

    A simple Google search of  “WOT  complaint” will answer any questions.  The site is a self serving profit making enterprise that deals not at all with true web security but with forcing users into it’s proprietary community then tricking them into purchasing security seals and services.  The system is amazing in its design and success and has tricked millions of internet users.

    Posts about the company are gathered here to make it easy to evaluate the company and the software.  Great news came when it was announced last year that Facebook had terminated relations with this company.   Facebook was blocked by this software during its early development and an eventual cooperation emerged as Facebook paid WOT for its alleged security services.  Faacebook acknowledged the problems with WOT in 2012 and ended any affiliation.

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